Puppets and Art

"A Fish's Tale"

What if ... ?

Looking around, there is so much that can inspire me; and the one question that seems always to pop up is: “What if …?”

So my workbench is usually cluttered with what my husband calls creative chaos. I always finish what I start; but not always right away. An idea often comes and must mellow and grow before it can be carried out.

But the projects on this page are really WORK IN PROGRESS – right now.

Sans Souci

Sculpture or puppet - sometimes there's a fine line, in this case a fishing line.

The tale started on a holiday at Christmas time at the fish monger's in Skagen - the northernmost city in Jutland, Denmark - whose tip marks the boundary between the Baltic and the north Sea.

Each fish seemed to have its own personality and I went around the shop taking pictures of the most interesting ones - to the amusement of the sales people and (of course) to my husband's embarrassment. During our holiday, I sketched - and thought.

Back at my workshop in Copenhagen, the first sketch was transferred to a block of lime wood, and out of this block came this very worrisome fish "Sans Souci".

Marie Curie - "The Alchemist"

The life and work of Marie Curie has fired my imagination for many years. Not only she, but Pierre and their children. An amazing family having been awarded FIVE Nobel Prizes.

The result of this is a projected theater (puppet/actor) production "The Alchemist". The preliminary script is in place - a spectacular show with explosive action and special effects, hopefully soon to be set in production ...

The worrisome Sans Souci fish and his universe has since grown to become "The Fish's Tale".

My workbench is now literally swimming in fish and other creatures of the sea, each with their own story to tell about the dangerous world they - and we - live in.

Nature Boy, dreams of sailing the 7 Seas all the way to China.

On his journey, he sees much and at the court of the Emperor of China, he vividly describes his adventures...

Emperor of China, who listens eagerly to Nature Boy's tales of adventure.

Emilie Drontë,

an opera singing Dodo bird.

She sings her tale of woe to Nature Boy in the court of the Emperor of China ...


one of the Emperor's favorites.

As his name implies, he carries Nature Boy up and flies him home after his visit in China.