Puppets and Art

Animated films

"The fantastic Flowershop" (2001), was built around my wire figures dancing to specially composed music, which has won prizes in Poland, Argentina, Italy and USA. The wire figures from "The Fantastic Flowershop" are on display in the Polish Film Museum in Lodz, Poland.

Animated puppet film, 35 mm, color, Dolby SR, 15 min.

Manuscript, scene decorations/costumes, puppets: Frances Østerfelt (Denmark)

Producers: SE-MA.FOR animation studio (Poland) and Partyflex (Denmark)

"The Flax" (Hørren) (2005)

A Polish production is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the same name in commemoration of the poet’s 200th birthday anniversary in 2005. The narrative in the film is based on the first translation of H.C. Andersen's fairy tale directly from Danish into Polish.

The film had its world premiere at the BUSTER film festival in Copenhagen (September 2005), and was chosen to conclude Hans Christian Andersen year in Warsaw in December 2005. Because of its premiere late in 2005, it was only shown at 2 festivals; and won audience prize at the OFAFA film festival in Cracow. In 2006, it was shown at festivals in 22 countries, including India, Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, and USA.

Storyboard/script: Frances Østerfelt (Denmark)

Art design: Joanna Jasinska (Poland)

Painting animation directly under the camera, Digital Betacam, DVD, 13 min.

Production and distribution: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Ltd (Poland)

"Will you be my Dad?" (in progress)

I have created the prototype puppets for the animated film "Will you be my Dad?", to be produced in Poland (author/director Pawel Partyka, Partyflex, Copenhagen).

"Quest for Light: A Tribute to Madame Curie"

In 2006 and 2009 I was awarded a working grant by the National Art Council (Statens Kunstfond) for the film project ”Quest for Light”, an animated film over the life of Madame Curie; and in 2008 the Polish Film Institute awarded the project development funding, which resulted in a 3-minute animated pilot.

Film manuscript:Frances Østerfelt (Denmark)

Animation: Anny Błaszczyk (Poland)

Production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Ltd (Poland)

Awards and recognitions:

"The fantastic Flowershop"

IFCT 2005 World Tour (International Festival og Cinema Technology), Orlando, Florida, USA:

Award for the most innovative animation.

Festival Internationale del Cinema di Salerno, Italy (2001):

Awarded gold medal.

The Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (2001):

Chosen as 1 of 14 films in competition.

The 19th International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Ale Kino!), Poznan, Poland (2001):

Prize by the Children's Jury for synchronization between music and animation.

"The Flax"

Audience Award, OFAFA (Ogólnopolski Festiwal Autorskich Filmów Animowanych),

 Cracow 2005