2½D Artwork

Adding an extra dimension

The earth's creatures fascinate. They all have personality and "anima" - soul - some more than others. The added ½ dimension of the hammered metal coupled with a special painting technique gives textiure to an otherwise flat, inanimate image.

Metallica in the making

1. Each painting starts with a photograph which is reproduced to the size of the final work.

2. The image is then hammered into 0,4 mm metal sheeting and then grounded so that the acrylic paints chemically bind to the metal.

3. The color scheme is established.

4. Paints are applied in layers with a very dry brush: highlights and shadows first, followed by the chosen surface hues.

Here are the 4 stages of the work process in the piece "Rasmus - 18 years"

Examples of 2½D pieces

Bodil Udsen